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Integrated Physical Therapy

Industrial Physical Therapy Services

IPT is experienced in providing PT services to injured employees at their own workplace. When industrial manufacturers utilize on-site physical therapy services, they can reduce workers compensation costs. IPT therapists work with the manufacturing company’s nurse, plant supervisor, and/or safety officer to develop and implement a team approach for the reduction of work related injuries. An integrated treatment plan and understanding the injured employee’s job duties, facilitates the quickest return to work possible.

Having direct access to a physical therapist offers quick musculoskeletal assessment and treatment of acute injuries before they become long-term chronic problems. Collaboration between IPT, the manufacturer and the injured worker’s other medical providers offers the best possible team solution of medical management, cost containment for workers compensation claims, and reduction of musculoskeletal injuries. Injury prevention, ergonomic work-station tips and body mechanic education from IPT empowers the employee’s safety knowledge and reduces injury rates.



Specializing in onsite industrial rehab & outpatient physical therapy

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