Integrated Physical Therapy Response to COVID-19

At Integrated Physical Therapy, the health of our patients and therapists are always our top priorities. We are using the most updated COVID-19 CDC guidelines to assure extra protection and safety for all. You should cancel your appointment if you have traveled internationally or on a cruise in the last 30 days, or had contact with someone who is positive or under investigation to have COVID-19. If feeling ill, including but not limited to: cough, fever, shortness of breath, severe headache please cancel your PT appointment. Instead, please contact your primary care provider and cancel all physical therapy appointments until cleared by your physician.

In addition to heightened screening of our patients, we have been following all updated CDC and proper guidelines with disinfection of all surfaces between each patient visit and frequent use of hand sanitation or hand washing of both therapist and patient throughout the visit.




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Integrated Physical Therapy (IPT) has highly experienced and skilled manual physical therapists that specialize in orthopedics, spine therapy, and sports medicine. Finding and treating the cause of discomfort or injury, reducing postural imbalances and mechanical dysfunctions that promote healing and function creates the foundation for a successful patient experience. With a clear understanding of the patients condition, IPT physical therapists apply specific and targeted manual therapy and soft tissue techniques along with specific therapeutic and neuromuscular re-education exercises to promote stability and muscular strength that optimize function and reduce pain.


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